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Anonymous said: How do you feel about Ian's departure from Hot Chelle Rae? Initial reaction and current feeling.

I wrote about it here, check it out post/66488686441

Ian is leaving HCR

I know this is kind of late, but someone asked me how I felt about Ian leaving (initial reaction and current feeling), so I decided to write this text about it. It is also good because I had time to think about it and have a solid opinion about it. 

At first I was like "Is this a joke? It has to be a joke, I don’t buy it." I was reading the text Ian wrote expecting something like "Há! Gotcha!" by the end of it but there wasn’t anything like it. It was real, he was leaving. I got very upset and kinda angry, I couldn’t believe he was leaving. But it wasn’t a completely surprise for me. And as the idea sunk in, I realized it was the best decision for him. He was being completely under and misused as the incredible musician he is. And in my opinion this was the biggest reason for him to leave (I do believe there were other things that contributed for his decision but I’m not telling them here). Like he said, and I quote, "This is a decision that has been on my heart for a very long time. For me, I felt it was my time to move on. I am a dreamer and have lived daily with aspirations of so much beyond my position in HCR. I’m working for the first time on my own studio album, a dream of mine since I started writing music at the age of 16." He is literally pursuing his dream, and isn’t that what we are all supposed to do in our life? He’s talented as fuck and that’s no news. He’s an amazing photographer and for anyone who has heard his own songs, knows how good musician he is. He can (and now, will) do so much more than what he was doing in HCR. Listen to Queen of The Scene and then listen to Hung Up giving emphasis to the bass and you’ll understand what I’m saying. It may have made sense for him before, but now it doesn’t anymore. He was extremely brave by making this decision and I’m so happy for him, because I KNOW he’s capable of so much more. And honestly, I can’t wait to hear his new stuff and see his new work regarding photography, as a big fan of it. And as to HCR’s future, I’m now sure how it’s going to be without Ian. Definitely not the same, but I’m sure us, Beautiful Freaks along with Ryan, Jamie and Nash will work it out. Moreover, Ian and the boys are still friends and will continue to support each other no matter what path they follow. I’m proud of them all. Ian, for standing up to himself, and the boys, for understanding him and allowing him to grow and find himself. So yeah, I feel like Ian did the right thing and I’m very happy with his decision. Best of luck to them all. I will always love and support each and every single one of them as well. And now more than ever, Beautiful Freaks must remain strong and together.

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wholetjackdrive said: Hiya! You probably don't know me (but I see you reblogged my Honestly audio split so maybe you do...?) but I make audio remixes and such and upload them to Tumblr. I actually just finished making an audio edit removing a lot of the background noises (the screaming and talking as such) from Recklessly by HCR and was wondering if I had permission to use your edit (post/57484267076/) as the audio cover art thing? If not that's totally fine. Okay thanks for taking the time to read this c:

You absolutely do! I actually made a better one (post/61805016597/) so feel free to choose any of them (I personally don’t really like the first one I did but it’s up to you), and please do let me know once you upload it! :)

otp haha

Literally can’t wait for the studio version.

{cover not official}


 …. and i’m still wondering how did hot chelle rae pass from i like to dance to hung up …

Hot Chelle Rae - Honestly (Split)


Honestly - Hot Chelle Rae; The left ear is the official studio version from Whatever pitched down a half step while the right ear is a live acoustic performance the band did for Vevo.

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Download it here.

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call me crazy…


HAHAHAH there’s also Higher (All I Need Tonight) and Girl Like You!

Hot Chelle Rae - Crazy (LIVE)


Hot Chelle Rae performed their new song ‘Crazy’ on 8/12 in Japan for the first time, so I downloaded the link from this video, and you can download it HERE.

Please credit if you share. ENJOY!

This is not the official cover, it was made by me. 

NEW SONG!! - Crazy

Snippet of HCR’s new song ‘Crazy’, just played for the first time ever in Japan, 8/12


Jamie in IKBC #2

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idk Ian in IKBC#2

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